Why Stress About Meditation?

How Meditation Can Ramp Up Your Wellness and Performance

Meditation is simply a technique to quiet the Monkey Mind chatter of your mind and let go of the past and future. The key is to emphasize the present -- to just "be". This allows your stress alarm system to reset. Think of it like rebooting your computer. Sometimes your computer starts doing weird things and the best solution is to unplug it for a wee bit. As with your computer, the benefits of allowing your system to reset are huge and worth your time investment... and may save your life.

As a former Registered Nurse and wellness advocate, Casey is one of the best sources to show us why implementing self-care is so important to our success.

Pain is Gain

How To Turn Pain Into Personal Empowerment

Leading up to that, I had over ten years of chronic neck pain and migraines. I'm sure that, to some extent, the pain I felt before the full disc tear was a combination of muscle tension and pressure from the discs on my spinal cord.

You were born to be abundant. As a baby, you came into this world expecting to have your every want and need taken care of. And yet, somewhere along the way, you were programmed to believe the opposite by your well-meaning parents by the fear-based money beliefs they taught and by what they modeled. This programming created B.S. (belief systems) which has been limiting your capability to achieve your desired wealth by creating blind spots to strategies which would be successful. Use these 5 proven strategies consistently to remove the B.S. and rewrite your operating system to match your new wealth and finance vision.

Have you achieved the financial success you desire? If not, what's stopping you? If you're like most people, you're looking for that elusive strategy to give you the results you want. You may have even taken multiple courses that have promised they have the answer -- that silver bullet -- only to have them fall short over and over. Even the best strategy in the world is not going to work if you have a lot of B.S. (limiting belief systems, that is) creating roadblocks and blind spots to achieving your desired financial results. If you're not exactly where you want to be, here are 5 simple tools to clear any B.S. that may be blocking your desired wealth goals.

3 Types of B.S. Blocking Your Financial Success

Identifying Limiting Belief Systems and How They Create Roadblocks to Success

What operating system are you running in the background of your mind? How is it impacting your financial success? For better or worse, your unconscious programming is running the show and setting limits on what you can achieve.

Sitting down with Growth U's Tonia Revere, Julie discusses her path to becoming a life coach and her unique approach to taking control of your own life.

Not Reaching your Wealth Goals? Quit Focusing on Your B.S.

How your Belief Systems and Mindset Impact your Wealth Abundance

What B.S. do you have surrounding your wealth and finances... or lack of it? If you're not exactly where you want to be, you've likely picked up some B.S. (limiting belief systems, that is) somewhere along the way that is limiting your wealth accumulation without even knowing it.

In the Growth U Podcast, Jen opens up about her decision to invite God into her everyday life by going to school to become part of the ministry, as well as the motivations that led her to this point in her life.

The 7 Mindset Patterns Sabotaging Your Success

Use Awareness to Flow from Stress to Success (Part 2)

So what's your favorite way to sabotage any efforts to change? For me, procrastination has always been a favorite...Or perhaps playing the victim, like my injuries stop me from exercising and losing weight. I'm not alone in my self-sabotage, although so often it has felt like I am the only one in the whole world who lacks the self-control and motivation to stick with anything. The good news is that you can change your mindset around self-sabotage and failure. By doing so, you'll flow from stress to success.

A.C.E. Your Mindset and Go from Stress to Success

Beat the Self-Sabotage that Keeps You Stuck

A.C.E. stands for attitude-competence-effort. It is necessary to plow through self-deception every time you start anything new. Learning to walk. Learning to talk. Starting to drive. Beginning a new job or relationship. Joining the gym. Losing weight. Frankly, life would be really boring if everything came easily to you. Like playing a video game or watching a great movie, the challenge is what makes it appealing. Use your A.C.E. consciously to turn self-deception into resistance so that you're building mental muscle instead of just being derailed.

Do you ever feel like life is happening to you? You're not alone. Take control of your life now. O.P.A. stands for Outcome-Purpose-Action. It's about proactively setting your desired outcome before every encounter, be it a meeting, an interview, an email, or a major speaking engagement. Your outcome is your desired destination, which you enter into the GPS navigation of your unconscious mind. Then it's important to know WHY you're taking the journey so that then you can take inspired action toward your goals.

Letter From Tonia Revere:

Co-Founder and President

On behalf of Rod Hairston and the entire team at Growth-U, we wanted to take a moment and thank you for being a valued member of our community. We are committed to listening to your needs and providing the best programming available to create lasting change and continued growth in your life, and all the lives around you. We've dedicated more resources to enhancing our offerings, systems and communications to offer more value in your Growth Life journey.

I love the healing arts and am passionate about my career as a Massage Therapist, Reiki Master, and Esthetician. Helping others through energy and body work is the foundation of most of my personal growth.

Success or failure in weight loss is 80% mindset and only 20% lifestyle. In Part One, we smashed the myth that fat loss failure is due to laziness or lack of willpower. Instead, the most important ingredient to winning at weight loss is actually your mindset.

Hayat Hakim seems to have lived multiple lives in her short time on this earth. Today, she joins us on our first show to discuss her personal experience diversity and embracing change. Hayat knows a few things about uncertainty and change.

How many times have you tried --and failed-- to lose weight? If you're like most people, you've tried over and over and over. The web is full of nutrition and exercise plans with promises of astounding fat loss and fit bodies. And yet research shows that most people fail to shed their bulk or drop it just to regain it back (and more) over time. We are losing the battle against fat, personally and as a culture. Our population has never been heavier than now with about 40% of adults overweight. Even the "Biggest Loser" participants have ended up regaining most of the weight they worked so hard to lose. Why do we sabotage our efforts each and every time?