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Your Life, Own it!

by Growth-U

How You Can Create Your Own Beautiful Mind with Marina Passalaris

Marina Passalaris runs an organization in Australia called Beautiful Minds, which is the leading provider of self-esteem and confidence for pre-teens.

It also teaches kids to focus not on being rich, but on bringing value to the world in their own unique way.

On the podcast, Marina discusses the philosophy behind Beautiful Minds and what she hopes it will achieve in the future.

Why Did Marina Start Beautiful Minds?

When Marina was a teenager, she was incredibly self-conscious and insecure, as most teenagers are. Those feelings continued into her early adulthood when she decided to get a job as a model broker, in the hope that some of their beauty and confidence would rub off on her.

However, she quickly found that the models were even more insecure than she was.

It was then that Marina got the idea of creating a program that would teach young people how to maintain a healthy state of mind.

Is Beautiful Minds More Relevant Now Than Ever?

At first, Marina was focused on helping teenagers, but she’s found that even younger kids need to have a strong mental foundation to grow on.

She’s also noticed that while there’s a social incentive to keep our bodies healthy, mental health doesn’t get nearly the same attention.

Therefore, a large part of Beautiful Minds is exercising the brain for 20 minutes every day to make it as strong as possible.

Can You Get Rid of A Mental Disease?

According to Marina, a mental disease doesn’t have to be permanent. In her own life, she experienced agoraphobia, which rendered her entirely home-bound. She was terrified of going outside.

She could have wallowed in her misery, but, instead, she started reading books and listening to podcasts with the goal of making her mind stronger. She didn’t get there overnight, but with hard work, she was able to overcome her mental condition.

As Marina puts it, we are our greatest strength and our greatest weakness. You have to choose which to embrace.

What are the Real-World Benefits of Beautiful Minds?

With Beautiful Minds, Marina wants to give people the strategies they need to move forward. Before you can reap the benefits of these strategies, you must open yourself up and be prepared to do the work.

The first benefit of Beautiful Minds is the ability to become a stronger person by giving back to the community. When we feel like we have a place in society and are of value, it deeply satisfies us.

Secondly, Beautiful Minds makes sure you have the right people around you. Choosing your inner circle is a delicate process that should prioritize quality over quantity.

For the third benefit, it involves the understanding that you are the most important person when it comes to choosing what is right for you. Deep down, you know what you need. Give in to those positive impulses.

What is Marina’s Vision for the Future of Beautiful Minds?

Marina is focused on the physical workshops that are currently all over Australia. Nonetheless, she plans on taking Beautiful Minds global to reach as many people as possible.

Mental health isn’t a privilege, Marina says, but a basic human right. At the end of traditional public education, kids know how to dissect a frog, but they don’t understand their own mental health. That’s something she hopes to change.

Where Can You Learn More About Marina?

To learn more about how Marina is working closely with young people and their families to help them achieve happiness, visit the official website for Beautiful Minds.

You can also find Marina on LinkedIn and Instagram.