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The Growth Life Podcast

The Growth Life Podcast celebrates individuals and stories courageous enough to embrace uncertainty, brave enough to love diversity, and smart enough to realize they don't know everything. The Growth Life Podcast shares stories of growth in all areas of life: career, mindset, relationships, wealth and health.

Meet our hosts


Tonia Revere is the Director of Program Development for Trusum Visions and the Co-founder and President of Growth-U. She’s passionate about empowering people and organizations with systems for real time growth and lasting change.


For over 20 years she has studied, developed and successfully implemented sustainable growth programs in organizations around the country and world. One of her most successful influence programs has earned national recognition in the areas of health and wellness, financial and legal services, and network marketing.


She believes that there is no such thing as the holy grail of success or happiness – everything you want in life comes along your daily journey of personal growth and that fun gets more done. Let’s have some fun!

rod hairston

Rod E. Hairston is an international authority in mindset development, peak performance training, behavioral conditioning, leadership, organizational culture, and human potential. As a dynamic speaker, coach, and international bestselling author of Are You Up For the Challenge? 6 Steps to Lasting Change Starting Now, Not Someday, he has helped millions of people transform their behavior and realize outstanding, long-lasting results.


With his more than 30 years of experience, Rod has revolutionized the way the world thinks and behaves. He has coached Forbes 400 executives, elite professional athletes, and industry-leading organizations such as Disney, ABC, Quicken Loans, and Honeywell and has helped individuals, teams, and organizations around the world achieve their results during times of growth and in the face of crises. Rod’s programs, events, and companies continue to deliver success and transformation for over a million individuals and 500+ organizations worldwide.


As the CEO of Trusum Visions, LLC, and its global enterprises, Rod and his team continue to help individuals and companies in more than 19 countries transform their behavior and realize long-lasting results with powerful and effective conditioning programs and transformational live events.