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Embark on a transformative journey for university and professional life readiness. Foster resilience, and mindfulness, enabling you to overcome challenges with confidence and embrace a more fulfilling life. Learn practical strategies to maximize productivity, from effective time management to stress reduction techniques. By implementing these proven methods, you'll not only achieve your goals more efficiently but also maintain a healthy work-life balance. Join our supportive community of learners today and unleash your full potential, experiencing a profound transformation that will positively impact every aspect of your life.

“The mind is not a vessel to be filled but a fire to be ignited.” — Plutarch

Introducing Career Readiness, your 30-day online coaching journey to professional excellence. Tailored for college students and adults, this dynamic program is meticulously crafted to equip you with the essential tools for career success. Drawing from validated cognitive, behavioral, and social psychology models, we guide you through a transformative process, empowering you to forge a rock-solid professional identity.

Our mission? To unlock your boundless potential and pave the way for unparalleled success in your chosen career path or entrepreneurial endeavors. Backed by award-winning training and three decades of research and development, our training has left a mark on diverse global industries. Endorsed by prestigious institutions such as Wharton University, University of Arizona, and Centenary University, our track record speaks volumes.

College Readiness for Parents: 45 Days to Success is a transformative online program tailored specifically for parents with college-bound students. College transitions mark a pivotal moment not only in the lives of students, but also for parents, making it a golden opportunity for your personal growth. As your student navigates their way through a new chapter, this program empowers you to explore your own path of growth supported by certified advisors and a global community of participants.

For 10-15 minutes a day, you will be expertly guided through a journey to self-discovery, delving into your own identity, mindset, and habits. By actively participating, you contribute not only to your personal development, but also to your overall well-being. The proven models in this program parallel the student version guiding you through a proven Six Steps Process for Lasting Change™—a framework rooted in the principles of cognitive, behavioral, and social psychology. This ensures that, while personalized for your unique journey, you’ll be aligned with the transformative process your student is experiencing.


College Readiness for Students: 45 Days to Success is a transformative online program designed to help students smoothly transition into college life. The program spans 45 days and involves daily, bite-sized life coaching, supported by certified advisors and a global community of participants. It employs cognitive, behavioral, and social psychology principles to guide students through a Six Steps Process to Lasting Change™, focusing on building a strong foundation, breaking unwanted habits, and forming new ones.

Participants can expect to become more confident and resilient, gain clarity and focus, and develop independence. The program emphasizes mindset principles, helping students integrate positive changes into their college experience. By disciplining focus, exploring different roles, and modeling desired behaviors, students can align their identity, mindset, and habits with their goals. The program also promises improved communication skills, influence, gratitude, joy, and the ability to navigate challenges. In essence, it is not just an academic course but a daily guide to self-discovery and building the confidence needed for success in various situations during college life.


Peak Performance Athlete for Coaches and Parents: 60 Days to Breakthrough Performance program is an online conditioning and accountability program designed to guide both you and your athletes through a proven process to help you reach your next-level breakthrough performance goals. For just 10-15 minutes per day, this 60-day program will equip you with the four necessary phases of the Cycle of Performance, which will be your guide to supporting your top-performing athletes.

This program is your gateway to upgrade your mindset and become a more powerful leader in your athletic and personal life. It focuses on shaping a breakthrough performance mindset, recognizing opportunities, maintaining optimal health, leadership, mental toughness, life balance, navigating uncertainty, and building player confidence. 




Peak Performance Athlete: 60 Days to Fueling a Winning Mindset is an online conditioning and accountability program to help you reach your next-level athletic performance goals! Tailored for college and high school athletes, for 10-15 minutes per day, this program takes you through a proven process to develop the mindset necessary to consistently perform at your best. This 60-day program will take you through four necessary phases of the Cycle of Performance, which will be your guide to becoming a top-performing athlete.

Seize the opportunity to develop your Ultimate Performance State no matter the competition or perceived setback. Don’t let doubt hold you back; step into proactive growth, guided by your internal motivation. Join us in redefining possibilities and unlocking the extraordinary athlete within you!