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Cultivate your identity for student success from the inside out. It's your life, own it.

College Readiness For Students: 45 Days to Success

College Readiness for Students: 45 Days to Success is a transformative online program designed to help students smoothly transition into college life. The program spans 45 days and involves daily, bite-sized life coaching, supported by certified advisors and a global community of participants. It employs cognitive, behavioral, and social psychology principles to guide students through a Six Steps Process to Lasting Change™, focusing on building a strong foundation, breaking unwanted habits, and forming new ones.

Participants can expect to become more confident and resilient, gain clarity and focus, and develop independence. The program emphasizes mindset principles, helping students integrate positive changes into their college experience. By disciplining focus, exploring different roles, and modeling desired behaviors, students can align their identity, mindset, and habits with their goals. The program also promises improved communication skills, influence, gratitude, joy, and the ability to navigate challenges. In essence, it is not just an academic course but a daily guide to self-discovery and building the confidence needed for success in various situations during college life.


This program will help students:

  • Be intentionalown the experiences of your life, especially as you grow into more responsibilities and freedoms
  • Build an internal sense of selfbuild confidence and self-appreciation in who you are and own your inner power in any situation
  • Change beliefsidentify limiting, paralyzing beliefs and change them into powerful beliefs
  • Drive internal motivationdevelop and utilize internal motivation to succeed
  • Create a compelling visiondetermine a clear image for what you want most in your life

"What lies behind you and what lies in front of you, pales in comparison to what lies inside of you." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

Daily Conditioning

This online conditioning program utilizes science-based reinforcements and rewards to support your commitment to developing the habits and mindset needed to transform every area of your life.


The information and content you enter in the program is 100% personal and private. You have access to your journal entries any time, even after you complete the program.


This program will help you focus on developing an expanded identity that aligns with your personal goals.

Here’s what you can expect:

  • Learn how to manage attitudes and unstable emotions in response to any external circumstances
  • Learn how to lead yourself and others through challenging circumstances
  • Learn how to better adapt to any communication style
  • Learn how to recognize reactive, destructive behavior patterns, and lead others to refocus on goals

Here’s what it means to you:

  • Be better at managing your attitudes and emotional state
  • Be more confident in your ability to influence others
  • Build stronger leadership skills 
  • Be a better communicator

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Program price USD $595.00