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Member Spotlight | Paul Mend

by Growth-U

Age: 56 (but feel 25)

As a Jr. High and High School Teacher of over 30 years and a Coach of over 39 years I felt I was pretty grounded in Mindset and Psychology. After all, I was a Psychology 12 teacher for 15 years. My world was all about family, school, sports (volleyball, basketball, skiing, running, stand up paddle boarding, cycling, swimming among a few) and psychology.

Both my wife (Denise) and I did Healthy Mind and Body which was our introduction to Growth-U. Denise actually did it twice. She then mentioned she was going to do another program with Growth-U.

That was Transform-U and then after that, she joined Growth Mastery!

My comment was, “That’s awesome, I’m good, I teach this stuff!”

Fast forward 8 months, maybe a little more, we were having a normal evening conversation and I can’t even remember what it was about, however, I remember saying, “I wave the white flag, sign me up!”

It didn’t take a rocket scientist to see the growth in her and wanting to ‘grow with’ rather than apart, I said sign me up! We have been married 27 years and the first 26 were great, the 27th year was even better. I highly recommend any of our programs and if you are married, I encourage you to do it together!

As previously mentioned being a Psychology Teacher, I knew a lot of the science behind the brain. These programs are designed with that science in mind to change patterns that don’t necessarily serve you and/or build on ones that do. It’s all principle-based and it has had a huge impact on our family and the relationships with friends. Jump in and be ready to GROW!!! We look forward to meeting you and journeying along with you!