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Member Spotlight: Lonnie Holley

by Growth-U

I love my family and they are my most important why in everything I do. My ultimate joy in terms of my work world is digital design and social media content management. I love creating, packaging, planning, strategizing and most of all learning new things. I love my life, I love my work, and I love my community.

Before the manifestation of Growth-U in my life, I was a powerful little bee. I was lonely yet productive. I often felt lonely in a crowded room. I searched for my purpose, significance, connection, variety, growth, self-esteem, and certainty with limited results. Imagine being disappointed again and again. Since I started with this amazing organization I have gone from lonely worker bee to a part of a buzzing, thriving, superconscious hive. I have always wanted to change the world and now I have a vehicle, belief system, and strategy and I am doing it.