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Global Wealth Mindset

by Growth-U

At Growth-U, we are committed to bringing you the best programming and tools for continued growth and lasting change in every aspect of your life. With that in mind, it brings me great joy to share this update with our community.

Over the years, we’ve gathered a great deal of feedback from participants all around the world. A large majority have been focused on their struggles, fears, and limitations with their financial situation. Here is a summary of the most common struggles we have heard:

I know I don’t want to struggle financially, but I don’t know what I really want in my life
I know what I want my life to look like, but I don’t really believe I can attain it
I’m overwhelmed by how to build wealth and keep it
I feel guilt and shame because I have been unable to build wealth, and I should be further along by now
I am consumed by worry about paying bills, let alone feeling financially secure
I doubt that what others have achieved is possible for me
It’s hard for me to appreciate what I already have because it’s not where I want to be
I struggle with trusting other people because I’m afraid they will take advantage of me, especially when it comes to money
I find a way to sabotage good opportunities that come my way
I know I have bad habits around money and don’t know where to begin

We used these valuable insights to create a program designed to make you think, feel and act intelligently and abundantly about your financial future. We are pleased to announce the launch of:

Global Wealth Mindset
45 Days to a New Way of Creating a Compelling Financial Future

In this 45 Day program, you have even more videos (30 in total), with elite training from Rod Hairston and a team of Growth Advisors and Leaders to help you identify wealth blockages and unlock your next level of financial success.

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Looking forward to hearing from you and how the program impacts your financial future!