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We asked, “How have Growth-U programs impacted your life?”

Here’s a few of the most recent responses…

Fired Up! helped me truly see how much my own beliefs and patterns were keeping me playing small and in my comfort zone. By learning how to be intentional with my beliefs and imagination, I have created a foundation of confidence that has me doing things I’d never even dreamed of attempting before!

Bill S.

Until I took this 30-day program, I struggled to get myself out of negative moods that were triggered by certain external circumstances or events in my life. Learning the mindset tools to help me immediately shift into the emotional state I need has taught me that I have the power inside of me to control how I want to feel, no matter what’s happening around me.

Jaden V.

This program was totally worth my time and money! In just 30 days, I learned the principles and skills to develop more love for myself, others, and the world.

Sam K.

I am now more intentional with my focus and how I spend my time and energy. I have accomplished so much in my last 30 days!

Chris M.

I completed this program currently with my 15-year old son.  The program gave us so many opportunities to reflect and discuss. It was a great way to connect on so many different topics.

David N.

 I feel it helps me with stress and anxiety. I was able to focus on what was needed to get better, than what I was doing wrong.

Hailey F.
Wendy R)

I look forward to taking further programs to really continue this growth and to jump in!

Kimberly N.
testimonial serena)

I love [this program] because it makes me want to be a better person and employee and help others grow. I am excited to see what else is on this 6 week module.

Serena C.
testimonial real)

Growth-U has been pivotal in my life, a major game changer. I am seeing life through a completely different set of eyes now and the future looks very bright.

Réal A.
testimonial sherry)

As an educator, I was excited to attend the Top 50 event. I believe that we can always learn something from programs that are focused on growth and learning. I began the program poised with my pen and my notebook; I was ready to learn. I left with my notebook virtually empty but my head was spinning with all that I experienced. I hadn’t actually planned on growing or participating in a way that would impact my life emotionally. Participating in the Top 50 event was one of the best things I’ve done for myself in the last decade. I feel a renewed sense of energy to achieve the goals I had long forgotten about and to develop new goals that I never knew I had.

Sherry T.
testimonial denise)

The programs developed by the Growth-U team have been instrumental in taking my personal and professional lift to another level. This is not just cliche; I have truly discovered ideas and goals that I didn’t know I had.

Denise M.
testimonial haley)

I am loving this program and learning so much about myself! I am excited to see where this journey takes me!

Haley F.
testimonial ashleigh)

I have never taken part in a program like this before. I’m excited to be committed and complete it! I know this is just the beginning for me.

Ashleigh D.
testimonial sheri)

I found inner strength and belief in myself to decide not to let anything stop me from reaching my goals and continuing to grow.  I finally feel that I can and I will be the successful leader I always knew I could be.

Sheri M.
testimonial jeannine)

This is the fourth day of The Colors of Influence program and I’ve already got 10x value I paid. I am beyond excited!! Thank you Growth U Team!!!

Jeannine S.