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Thank you for your interest in being a guest on Rod's Podcast Channel: Investor Identity. On his show,
Rod provides leading edge coaching on how to be an intentional investor in every aspect of life, maximizing your returns emotionally, mentally, energetically, physically and financially.

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What have you experienced so far?

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Challenge Event or Empowerment Event
Fired Up Event
Top 50 Event - 2 Day Workshop
Leadership Breakthrough Event
Healthy Mind & Body Event
Rod Hairston Keynote at Event
45 Day Challenge Life Balance/ Transform-U: 45 Days to Successful Habits
45 Day Challenge to Outstanding Leadership
365 Daily Growth
Big Picture: Creating Visions that Work
The 4 Colors of Influence: How to Align With Anyone
Growth Mastery (Formerly Wealth Builders/Elite Coaching)
Top 50 Leadership Integration
Healthy Mind and Body
Healthy Mind and Body Coaching
Rod's Book: Are You Up For the Challenge? Six Steps to Lasting Change, Starting Now, Not Some Day

What coaching topics interest you most?

Check all that apply.
How do the Universal Laws affect my life?
In the Cycle of Performance or Growth, how do I know when I'm in Deception? Can I prepare for it or move through it faster?
With the Seven Categories of Deception, how do you identify which category you're in? How do I coach someone who doesn't want to see their own deception?
What are the essential ingredients of a habit?
Who's really in charge: the Conscious mind or the Unconscious mind?
What are the Seven Big Ideas that seem like common sense but they're not?
What are the core lessons of Transform-U: 45 Days to Successful Habits?
What are the four phases in growth we must go through without exception?
What does it mean to be the Ultimate Performer?
Why is it so hard to change?
Can I change for the good?
Why should I have a second name for my unconscious mind?
How do I get rid of harmful habits?
What you think of me has nothing to do with me.
How do I really commit to something?
How do I stop people or circumstances from derailing my determination?
Which beast are you feeding?
What do we really mean when we say, "I can't?"

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