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Four Colors of Influence helps you grow your confidence in connecting, sharing, and aligning your goals with others through purposeful communication and influence.

Four Colors of Influence

How To Align With Anyone

Join a small group led by weekly live Advisor calls to learn how to confidently and effectively connect with, communicate with, and influence others. You know that some conversations are easy and enjoyable while others feel like a boxing match. You connect instantly with some people, yet others make you want to throw your hands up and wish the conversation would end. With the Four Colors of Influence, you will learn to align with and influence anyone.

There are two fundamental forces that guide our everyday experiences and interactions:

  • The ability to align and influence yourself to do what you want or need to do to reach your outcomes
  • Your ability to align and influence your customers and team members to do what you want them to do for their own reasons

Learn to recognize the essential emotional needs that all people have and how to meet them in order to gain rapport, improve relationships, build confidence in meeting new people, and successfully manage interactions with challenging people.

Never underestimate the influence you have on others. – Laurie Buchanan

Weekly Conditioning

You will complete six weekly modules guiding you on a journey of learning and discovery in becoming a powerful influencer.

Elite Coach

Each week you will receive elite coaching from our CEO, Rod Hairston.


The information and content you enter in the program is 100% personal and private. You have access to your journal entries any time, even after you complete the program


The team chat is your practice ground to ask questions, integrate the principles, and apply what you are learning! Share real-world applications each week and make incredible distinctions for continued reinforcement.


Your Certified Program Advisor will provide additional feedback, clarity, and examples from week to week on live weekly team calls. Calls will be recorded for later playback.


You will sharpen your influence tools, enhance your message, and leverage your impact to become a more masterful influencer.

Here’s what you can expect:

  • Become more confident communicating with people in any situation
  • Quickly and effectively align with your customers and team members
  • Confidently and easily make connections with anyone you meet wherever you are
  • Save precious time and energy knowing how to immediately align with challenging customers or team members

Here’s what it really means to you:

  • The added confidence of knowing which influence style works best with your prospective customer
  • Comfort knowing that people will instantly like, trust, and respect you
  • Engaging with customers who are confidently buying for their own reasons
  • Lasting relationship-building tools that will support you for the rest of your life

Start Your Journey Today!

Program price USD $695.00

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