Today on The Growth Life Podcast, we're reframing genius. We're going to discuss how the mind uses the body versus the other way around and clearly define what it means to be Warrior Woke. Listen to The Growth Life Podcast to learn more about developing traits of the mind, like mental strength and emotional intelligence, and how to use them to influence all other aspects of life.

Joseph McClendon III and Growth-U announced today that they will be joining forces to offer dynamic live events and powerful behavior transformation systems that will help people bring positive and sustainable change to their lives.

The Growth Life Podcast celebrates individuals and stories courageous enough to embrace uncertainty, brave enough to love diversity, and smart enough to realize they don't know everything. On the podcast, James provides some tips on how to become the best influencer you can be.

On the podcast, Natalie and Sarah discuss the many aspects of spiritual training and how it connects with success.

On the podcast, she discusses her techniques in achieving this state of mind, as well as her journey to becoming a life coach in the first place.

Hayat Hakim seems to have lived multiple lives in her short time on this earth. Today, she joins us on our first show to discuss her personal experience diversity and embracing change. Hayat knows a few things about uncertainty and change.