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The Past, Present, and Future of Peak Performance Coaching With Rod Hairston and Joseph McClendon III

by admin_growth

Rod Hairston and Joseph McClendon III are two influential leaders who have teamed up to bring Growth-U into the future.

Rod is an authority in the area of human potential, leadership, and organizational culture. In fact, he’s coached leaders from the Forbes’ 400 list, star athletes, and giant organizations like Disney.

Joseph has a company, Pro-Sequences Research Group, which is a leading peak performance coaching organization that also works in the business, entertainment, and political communities.

He’s also co-authored two books with Tony Robbins, including the bestseller, “Unlimited Power: A Black Choice,” and been featured in many national magazines.

On the podcast, Rod and Joseph discuss their past, present, and future with

How Did Rod and Joseph Meet?

When Rod started working with Tony Robbins, and Joseph was the trainer in charge. During this time, Joseph taught Rod that it’s important not to take things so personally, in order to support growth in others. This is especially true when working with tough cases.

In other words, Joseph taught Rod to keep a level head, so their clients could keep a level head. You have to disrupt the client’s pattern, not feed it.

This is something that Joseph had to teach himself many years ago when he had a practice in Los Angeles.

The moment when Rod and Joseph really became close was when Joseph invited all of the trainers under him to dinner and Rod was the only one who showed up. They talked and had an immediate connection.

How is the Vision of Growth-U Coming Along?

One of the ideas that has occurred to Rod recently is how amazing it is that people like Rock Thomas and Tony Robbins can hold the attention of so many people for so long.

And while they have that attention, they’re using it to build people up, instead of tearing them down.

Rod would like to take this energy out of the auditoriums and give it to the world at large through online communities. In fact, redistributing this positive energy is what Rod would like his and Growth U’s legacy to be.

Rod’s idea is to accomplish this by creating several videos, assets, and programs that will reach all corners of the globe.

Naturally, Joseph is a part of Rod’s plan, and, like Rod, Joseph is focused on a larger audience than has previously been possible for him.

How Has Personal Development Changed in Recent Years?

Recently, Rod has been talking a lot about social media with others. While some older folks are skeptical about social media, he thinks it’s better to run with it.

In this spirit, Rod has begun to do some of his coaching through social media. After all, people have already settled into these habits of checking their phone every few minutes, so you might as well give them something of quality while they’re online.

Another way Rod explains it is that he wants to get you addicted to the right things. Instead of taking pictures of yourself all day, become addicted to personal growth.

Through coaching on social media, Joseph makes the point that the message in the auditorium can reverberate through their everyday lives.

Now, there’s less of a chance of the message dissipating and the person getting dragged back into their old ways.

Where Can You Learn More About Joseph and Rod?

If you’d like to find out more about Joseph, you can check out his Facebook and Instagram profiles.

You can learn more about Rod at his personal website, www.RodHairston.com, as well as his Facebook and Instagram profiles.