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Pruned to bloom

by admin_growth

The most beautiful trees and the most beautiful lives are pruned repeatedly to bloom

I am writing this on the first day of Spring and looking out my office window there’s a tree that is starting to have the most beautiful pink buds. The irony is that just a few weeks ago my husband pruned the tree because last season when we purchased our home the previous owners explained that we should prune it just before the season changed. I can’t help but think this pattern in nature is a pattern in life. How many times have you felt like things were going so well and you let yourself get excited about a new season only to get pruned?

On the way to any significant goal there will be disappointments, setbacks, and wall kicking moments that make you question can I really do this? Those times feel like we’re being cutoff from progress and it makes us reset our expectations for our timelines and our well crafted agenda for our lives.

It’s important to know the difference between being cut off and being cut back. In nature plants and trees have to be cut back in order to grow symmetrically and to maximize their full growth potential. We are no different however unlike the tree we have feelings and the cutting back for our growth can feel like we’re being cut off from our destiny. That is when it’s important that you understand that feeling cut off doesn’t mean you are cut off when in fact you’re just being cut back. When the plants and trees are cut back it allow them to redirect their growth pattern and that’s what’s happening in the face of disappointments, setbacks, and trials. They redirect our growth pattern, challenge us to expose what needs to be released , and ultimately go on to bloom in a way that wouldn’t have been possible without the cut.

So consider your season. Have you been cut back and you’ve been thinking you were cut off? Redirect your growth pattern today. Face the rising sun and allow yourself to be pruned to bloom