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Member Spotlight: Sue Homa

by admin_growth

I love the healing arts and am passionate about my career as a Massage Therapist, Reiki Master, and Esthetician. Helping others through energy and body work is the foundation of most of my personal growth. It has impacted my life as a mother to my two kids whom I enjoy learning from. It has also deepened my appreciation for my own body and every beautiful body I have the honor of working on. I love to run, dance, sing and surf whenever and wherever I can.

Before I started GMWR I was spinning in the wind. I was busy trying to keep my life from unraveling and could concentrate on little else. I couldn’t really move forward because my inner compass was lost. Since I began the program a year and a half ago my life has become my own. I face every experience with open eyes and an open heart. I am now living up to my potential in every area. It is a beautiful space to be in. I am so grateful for this community.