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Joseph McClendon III and Rod Hairston, Growth-U CEO, join forces to advance the personal development and rapid achievement industry

by admin_growth

Joseph McClendon III and Growth-U announced today that they will be joining forces to offer dynamic live events and powerful behavior transformation systems that will help people bring positive and sustainable change to their lives.

As a neuropsychologist, keynote speaker, event presenter, and ultimate performance specialist, Joseph’s wit and wisdom have transformed millions of people around the globe. His remarkable ability to go straight to the core of a challenge and effect rapid change makes him a unique commodity in the business, health and wellness, and personal improvement fields.

In addition to his public events, Joseph taught at the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) for seven years and is frequently called upon to present at other higher learning institutions, like Harvard University, and at many Fortune 500 companies across the United States, Europe, and Australia.

Joseph will be partnering with Growth-U, a global company specializing in behavior transformation through automated conditioning and integration systems that create sustainable change and growth in people’s personal and professional lives. Growth-U programs utilize proven tools, processes, and systems for unlocking human potential in every area of life including mindset, health, relationships, wealth, and career.

Joseph explains,

“I’ve been in the ‘wake-up’ business for over 40 years, creating, facilitating, and conducting events responsible for waking people up to their incredible potential and unique gifts, and to the reality that “They freakin’ rock!”

What’s missing for most people is the ‘growing up’ that comes after waking up. Growing up means changing habits to match a new vision, and shifting identities for long-term success. After an event, people return home motivated to take massive action and are faced with a clash when their desired new patterns face the old patterns triggered by their environment. People often feel more dissonance as they attempt to navigate relationships that might feel threatened by their new-found awareness or work to make changes that aren’t familiar yet. At that point, most people fall back into old routines and justify why they’re not transforming.

When I reconnected with my dear friend Rod, I knew I could add to their platform and we could deliver what the world needs: a life-modeling, results-oriented system that works.

Growth-U helps people with exactly what the world was missing: a practical process of interrupting old habits, creating and integrating new habits, and expanding identity through proven, flexible, and inclusive systems that freakin’ work. Together, we make intentional habit building fun and addictively stimulating!”

Rod and his team enthusiastically welcome Joseph aboard and look forward to expanding, leading, and serving the globe together with sustainable systems for personal and professional growth. Look for Joseph in Growth-U programs, events, and the Growth Life Community private Facebook page.