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Growth-U’s Culture Defined

by Growth-U

In the inception phase of our company, we had the privilege of understanding how important our organization’s culture would be to the success and sustainability of our business.

We knew that our team would ultimately serve as an example of possibility by applying the lasting change and growth principles found within our programs and tools.

With the help of Envision-U, we began the process of defining what Growth-U’s ideal values, attitudes, and habits would be to align with our desired results, visions, and global mission. Our overall objective was to intentionally define the identity of our organization, knowing this would be essential to attracting and expanding our team and impact.

The process was a multiple-month growth journey for our team to enjoy. We met weekly to draft, refine, and finalize our Growth-U values. As part of the process, we considered not only who we were at the time, but also who we would need to be as an organization to align with our vision.

We had fun vetting and challenging each other on every single word, punctuation, and feeling evoked. If we did not agree on the value or the way something was worded, we would discuss it until we reached alignment. The process itself was invaluable to the unity of our team and the appreciation of our unique gifts. We recognize how much more we are capable of creating when we’re plugged into our team’s collective genius.

Each of our Growth-U values is paired with a unique image, a specific definition of the value, and an easy to remember slogan, fondly referred to as an ISM.

As a team, we hold each other accountable to these Growth-U ISMS in how we think, act and communicate with each other and with our community.

We’re thrilled to be sharing our Growth-U ISMS with our community and encourage you to embrace them in your life as you grow personally and professionally.

Here is a snapshot of all 12 Growth-U ISMS and our first ISM definition. The other ISM definitions will be revealed one by one in the weeks to follow. Enjoy!