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Four Types of Money Blocks & How To Break Them Today

by admin_growth

Whimsical manifestation courses and workshops abound; network marketers sell a lifestyle and influencers Lamborghinis.

Have you seen the “influencer” commercials on your favorite personal development YouTube stations of a young twenty-something guy walking through his mansion showing you all his toys he owns by thinking his way to success?

By his thoughts being so aligned with his outcome that things just “happened.”

In the digital age, people are spending tens of thousands of dollars on learning how to manifest, get everything on their vision board, the life of their dreams.

And hey – let’s not knock these lofty ambitions, because you know what? People are making bank. People are living a luxurious life well outside the traditional nine to five, two weeks vacation and retirement.

It’s doable. Creating the life you desire is doable!

What’s fascinating though, is that in this day and age we have stark contrast to the go-getters. According demos.org more and more parents are still below the poverty level as they struggle to put a roof over their children’s heads with a fast food job.

Yes, you heard me. For many parents, a fast food job isn’t the in between high school and post-graduate career. It is the career! How does a parent provide for multiple family members on minimum wage? How do they show up to work 40+ hours a week and live below paycheck to paycheck.

What’s going on here?

What is the deciding factor in these two extremes and what is the “golden ticket” to climb up the scale from poverty or lack to abundance and wealth? Is a good life reserved only for some? Is a good life reserved for everyone but you?


I’ll explain.

Good Vibes Only

Good vibes and high vibrations are the golden tickets to a desirable life experience. Most of us don’t understand this concept because it’s been years since we’ve been in a physics and biology classroom. What we were taught then is just not up to speed with what science has been proving.

In fact, science has been so behind the curve that Bruce Lipton Ph.D., the author of Biology of Belief, left his university when he discovered how belief manifested in the body and his colleagues refused to acknowledge the facts. View Biology of Belief.

Bruce has made several discoveries that, when understood, open up an entirely new framework for life. We are vibrational beings and our energy creates our life. And our energy is creating our life based on our perception of our experiences.

Two Things Before We Get into Your Money Blocks

Everything in the physical and mental world has a vibrational frequency, like light and particles.

Everything has a different frequency. That’s why your body isn’t blending into the device you’re reading this article on – you and your device have a different vibration. If they were the same, you’d be one with your device.

Thoughts are waves of energy before they become particles.

This is what happens in the quantum world and is what we now know as “manifesting.” Quantum physics is the study of subatomic particles, the “stuff” inside the atom. It’s super small and unpredictable and under investigation.

Money Blocks Are Just Thoughts of Perception

Most neuroscientists agree our conscious mind is responsible for just 5% of our life, just five percent! Our consciousness, who we are, our identity and our desires only have 5% power and influence over our lives. The other ninety-five percent is created or manifested by our subconscious mind. Dr. Emmanuel Donchrin has even been quoted to say, ”Figuratively speaking, it could be 99 percent; we probably will never know precisely how much is outside awareness.” Read is 1984 NY Times article .

Our subconscious mind or unconscious mind is an operating system we download from birth to about six years of age.

From 0-2 years of age, our brains are operating in *delta wavelength, which is most commonly related to sleep. Makes sense right? Babies sleep for the most part. They take in information but they don’t have the ability to communicate back to us. This is probably why they cry so much! They really want to tell us what they’re thinking! *Dr. Rima Laibow in Quantitative EEG and Neurofeedback.

Imagination kicks in from two to six years of age when we’re experiencing theta brain waves in addition to delta waves. This is when we get to create thoughts. Have you noticed little children blend imaginary friends into their tea parties? Thank theta for that!

Then, we become conscious or aware! This happens from six years old to twelve when we develop alpha brain waves. Beta waves develop after alpha. Those waves develop at age twelve, in perfect time for really structured school work. After twelve years of age, humans use all four brainwaves.

The most important idea to grasp here is that from ages zero to six we are in the programming state of life – we are learning how to do life by observing our environment.

We are learning if money or lack of money causes stress.

We are learning if bills make us sick.

We are learning if money grows on trees or not.

And what’s more, we are learning who we are, our identity. Are we deserving of wealth or not?

Hence, the blocks.

Guilt – If during your download period, you were made to feel like you weren’t appreciating something, you most likely felt guilty. You became a guilty person undeserving of wealth.

This program usually goes something like this: we don’t finish all the food on our plate or we don’t like dinner and our parent or caregiver says, “Children are starving all over the world. You better appreciate this meal! Eat your food, don’t let it go to waste!”

Criticism – If, during your download period, you were made to feel like you did something wrong you would most likely become hypercritical of yourself thereby never doing enough to earn wealth.

This program can get downloaded when we’re learning how our parents want us to behave in public or at family gatherings where there are a lot of people to impress. If we aren’t sitting still or minding our manners we might get pulled aside and scolded for not being a good little boy or girl or worse, be told we are an embarrassment.

Fear – If, during your download period, you were made to feel like the world is a scary place you would most likely become scared of taking risks or be scared of being successful.

This program is an interesting one because it generally has more to do with our physical bodies at the time of download and then manifests into our careers and livelihoods when we are adults.

Babies can swim. Most parents don’t know this and when a baby approaches water horror washes across the parent or caregivers face. Because the baby learns what’s good and bad based on the emotional response of the grown-up caring for them, they learn water is unsafe. And then parents wonder why babies cling to them when being held in the water!

The feeling of fear can repeatedly be ingrained in us when we attempt new adventures like climbing walls or building a treehouse when we get an “I told you so” response when we get hurt. As an adult, we just become fearful of anything new – including abundance, wealth, risk and success!

Resentment – If during your download period, you observed anger, hostility, arguments, and blame among adults, you would most likely learn to hang onto little hurts in your lifetime. This could manifest as bitterness towards people you don’t resonate with or who you’d like to become like, being envious of what others have or an overall feeling of anger about things not going your way because of other people or circumstances.

As a child, you are learning how to be an adult based on how you see adults behave. You’re literally just repeating what they have done and how they perceive their life experiences.

Don’t be mad at your parents!

Two things might be going on for you right now: one, you’re angry at your parents for giving you these faulty programs; or two, you’re wondering why the cosmos could play such a cruel trick on us by allowing these programs to be downloaded.

Your parents only knew what they downloaded themselves.

If we consider that the very term, neuroplasticity, the ability of the brain to form and reorganize synaptic connections, especially in response to learning or experience or following injury, has only been medically recognized since the 1970s, then we realize how much our parents didn’t know.

This means our parents had zero knowledge that what they said or did in front of you would have any lasting adverse effect on your ability to create an abundant life with a whole lotta cash flow!

So let them off the hook.

The world evolves faster than our bodies.

Mother nature is super smart! Think about it!

Before we became a super sophisticated technologically advanced society we were only concerned with food, shelter and not being eaten by a saber tooth tiger. OK, I know you’ve heard this example before, but seriously, the world evolves fast and our bodies do not.

Just look at the housing market. My mother bought her house in the 1970s for $25,000. Just forty years later that same house is worth half a million dollars! That’s a fast evolution!

The download phase of human life is brilliant.

If we had all brainwaves operating from the time we were babies we’d question everything and learning would be much slower, our survival rate would go down and our parents would lose their minds! Ok, maybe they wouldn’t lose their minds in frustration but I bet if we questioned why we should hide from a tiger we’d have a lot fewer humans on the planet today!

The download phase of life is the fastest most efficient way to learn how to be a human because once it’s downloaded and stored in our subconscious mind it’s there forever and it manifests our reality. Or does it?

How the unconscious mind manifests.

Life is set up as cause and effect. What we think (mindset) and do causes things to happen. Our mindset creates our personal reality. Remember, only five percent is a conscious thought, thoughts we’re aware of. Ninety-five percent is below the surface where we don’t know exactly what’s being thought, projected and attracted to us. What we’re unconsciously thinking and doing most of the time is going to cause a much different effect than then the desired outcome of our conscious thoughts.

This is why focusing, using the Four Laws of Focus will eventually, with practice, cause a new effect:

What you focus on you find.
What you focus on grows.
What you focus on seems real.
What you focus on you become.

This. Is. Mindfulness.

Being aware of our thoughts and observing our thoughts and actions gives us the freedom to choose another thought. This is consciousness! It’s a gift! We get to choose how we feel and what we think all the time. Now you know the four most common money blocks and now you can be aware of your thoughts that support them. You’re aware of what your mind is focused on.

By observing your thoughts and behaviors you’re a neuroplastician performing brain surgery on yourself every day! Only instead of going under the knife, you’re redirecting your focus.

You’re observing, “I can’t enjoy my life when people are living in poverty. I feel so bad for them.” and then turning your focus to, “I am so happy and grateful I have an abundant life with a home, a bed, and food!”

You’re observing the thought, “You’re such a loser, you’ll never amount to anything.” and then turning your focus to, “Is that true? You graduated from high school and college. You built two businesses and you have a great family!”

You observe yourself fearing the unknown and instead of not even trying you identify the worst case scenario and realize it’s not that bad. In fact, even the worst case scenario is awesome!

You catch yourself talking badly about someone who’s living the life you actually want, “Look at her, she thinks she’s just so pretty and so rich. Does she realize she should be donating her money, not spending it on expensive handbags?” and you turn that into, “Wow! If she can do it, I can do it! I wonder what her outlook on life is! I’d love to know how she got to where she is!”

Now, to reprogram the unconscious:

We know the mind can change itself; neuroplasticity. We know programs are downloaded in delta and theta brainwaves, so we use that information to override old programs by uploading new ones!

Insert cheering here:__________!

Steps to removing money blocks:

    • 1. Get your body and brain relaxed into theta brainwaves. You can do this through meditation, breathing or listening to music tuned to the theta frequency, my personal favorite.


    • 2. Get clear on what you want by using antonyms. If you recognize your feelings of guilt, criticism, fear, and resentment in this article look up the opposite word for each of those emotions. Then you can give your mind a target of desired feelings to use in your new program you’re about to upload.


    • 3. The new program is going to be a combination of thought and emotion. Emotion is the vibrational frequency on the quantum level and thought is changing that vibrating wave into a particle which creates or manifests what you want!


    4. You visualize, speak aloud or read your new program, your vision for what you want to experience supercharged with the emotion of gratitude. Gratitude is the magical component to creating your reality.

In conclusion, you now know how both parts of your mind works, the conscious and unconscious. You’ve identified your programs or money blocks; guilt, criticism, resentment, and fear. You’ve researched the opposite programs. I’ll give you some hints: happiness, approval, delight, and confidence. You’ve learned how to redirect your focus with the Four Laws of Focus and you’ve learned how to tap into the unconscious mind through relaxation and proclaiming what you desire with the emotion of gratitude.

Now you know and now you get to choose!