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Finding Your Core Beliefs to Grow

by admin_growth

The first time I heard about core beliefs it went completely over my head. “Core” was still strongly affiliated with my pilates practice and was nowhere near the center of my mind (thought) or heart (feelings).

Maybe it was my thirteen years at a Christian school and subsequent religious exploration in my twenties that imprinted in my brain that belief was only associated in the worship of a higher power. I didn’t realize belief is the fundamental operating system of each person. That it’s the basis for all our decisions. That belief contributes to our whole being in every way.

When “core beliefs” finally sunk in as my life’s operating system I was shocked to find how faulty mine were.

My top 3 core beliefs, in no particular order:

  • If I don’t do it “right” I won’t be successful.
  • I’m always going to be a “soft” woman unable to develop firm muscles.
  • I’ll always be a broke fitness instructor.

If you review my core beliefs you’ll identify how limiting they were and might predict that I never reached the physical appearance or financial success I wholeheartedly desired.

The clarity of thought and the conviction of feelings surrounding your desires are only part of the growth or goal achievement process. Belief is the steering wheel that determines which direction your growth with go.

Once we get this steering wheel in alignment, then the thought and convictions become supercharged and then any strategy we apply will yield success. Beliefs first, thoughts & convictions second, strategy third and results fourth!

Growth is an integral part of life

Everything wants to grow. Even rocks. Rocks!? Yes – even rocks want to grow. Well maybe not rocks, but the desert varnish on them does! I watched a program on A&E a few years ago that really struck my fancy. The program was about consciousness; in humans and inanimate objects. Before a commercial segment they touched on this mysterious black varnish on rocks. “What is it?” they posed.

I actually screamed, “It’s consciousness! It’s consciousness!” I felt really proud of myself for being so intelligent!

When the program returned they revealed what scientists discovered under the microscope…microcolonial fungi! Why is this so important?

First, it seemed it was just a mixture of elements without any life force. Because fungi grows it has the force of life in it. There is life “on” or “in” the rock, a previously dead or non-living product of the earth.

Second, they the fungi is in a colony and if you take a look at the cells that make up plants, animals and humans…we are colonies as well, colonies of cells that make up one plant or one body.

If we extrapolate this conversation from fungi to plants we can easily remember grass grows through cracks in concrete. A seemingly daunting task, a tiny seed, with tiny roots and tiny leaves makes its way through an even smaller crack in cement.

Let’s go again and observe animals in nature. Left to their instinctual nature, they reproduce annually!

And well, humans want to grow. We are just often unaware of this desire and instead of proactively growing we age into discontent wondering, “is this all there is?”

Yes, it is. If you don’t choose to be a different person in your sixties as you were in your thirties.

Just take a hint from nature. Animals in the wild consistently procreate. Grass grows through concrete and mold will start growing within 24-48 hours of spores attaching to a surface. Even mold wants to grow!

So what of humans? How do we continually grow? Are we continually getting taller? Wider? Faster? Stronger? More depressed? More anxious? More in debt? Wealthier? Happier? We too are always growing.

Are we growing towards success or failure? Lack or abundance? Health or dis-ease?

Beliefs Are The Building Blocks Of Growth.

When we’re able to comprehend not only the power, but the simplicity of beliefs, we can alter them to supercharge our endeavors. In other words, we’ll finally be successful in our desired area of growth.

Let’s break a few things down:

    1. A belief is a thought we think so often it becomes our truth.
    2. A thought is an idea or opinion produced in the mind.
    3. A thought can become an internal habit, a settled or regular tendency or practice, especially one that is hard to give up.

If we assess our habitual thoughts we uncover our core beliefs. Once uncovered we decide if they’re helpful or not toward our personal growth goals.

Let’s Work Backwards!

The American Journal of Psychology (1903) defines a thought as a habit, from the standpoint of psychology, [as] a more or less fixed way of thinking, willing, or feeling acquired through previous repetition of a mental experience.

Think about what you think about; throughout the day, the times when you’re sorta “check out” while driving or showering? What are you thinking in those moments? Things like, “is this as good as it gets?” Do you have distaste for wealthy people because you think they’ve stepped on the little guys to climb to the top? Are you over forty and rationalized your weight gain with, “everyone’s metabolism tanks at forty”?

Thoughts are an idea or opinion produced in the mind. Thoughts are how we experience the world and make predictions about it. Wikipedia So if we are thinking everyone gains weight over forty then we are predicting what’s going to happen to us because, hey – we’re over forty!

Now, we finally get to the most relevant part of belief. It’s a state of mind! And what’s even more fascinating about this state of mind is that we don’t need evidence of it being a fact in order for us to be certain about it! Wikipedia.

Changing Focus Is How You Change The Thoughts That Change Beliefs

At Growth-U we have a learning model called The Four Laws of Focus. It says:

1. What you focus on you find
2. What you focus on grows
3. What you focus seems real
4. What you focus on you ultimately become

    + If we’ve been focusing on ourselves, we’ve blocked energy flowing in and from our heart.
    + If we’ve been focusing on competition over creation, eat or be eaten, it robs everyone from their great potential.
    + If we’ve been focusing on validation from others we’ll never ever feel fulfilled or good enough.

Think about it, how often have you said you won’t do something or that will never be me and then one day you’ve become, of all people, your parent? Or when you’ve purchased a new car and all of a sudden you see them everywhere?

It’s because our mind is cybernetic. Our mind requires a target to function, to create, to find life in the material world outside our thoughts. It’s how thinking, “where are my keys?” helps us find our keys. Finding keys is always a bad example. It’s more like, “I want a new pair of jeans” and then you think about your favorite store, you google to see if there’s a sale and then you make your purchase. You’ve thought of the new jeans (your target) and then you have acted in “the real world” to get them.

Try These New Beliefs On For Size

How can I improve someone’s life today?” When you’re internally motivated, you don’t need someone to tell you to think this. By being externally focused on improving the life of someone else, you cause energy to flow in and out of your heart. We’re all connected and everything is energy – it literally cannot be created or destroyed; it only changes form. How you’re improving someone else’s life will improve yours in some way, shape or form, perhaps in the very same way!

A rising tide lifts all boats.” When we believe there is enough to go around – enough creation, ideas and business – we stop being competitive and we start being collaborative. And when we collaborate, we enhance each other’s greatness. If you desire to create wealth, this is key. When we see wealth as an opportunity for all and we accumulate it for ourselves we don’t feel guilty for having it. And the guilt, well that’s another limiting belief that causes your mind to sabotage what you’ve earned.

All that I have is within me.” Self-esteem is an inside job. When you believe the only difference between a person who escaped the ghetto to create a publicly traded company,
Lisa Nichols
, and a person who didn’t is their desire to do so, you’ll believe that you have that power too. Even people like Temple Grandin who are autistic have the ability to create a life to their liking.

Building self-esteem or self-belief is the heart of your capabilities. With this as one of your new core beliefs, if not the core belief, you’ll be able to withstand any storm and take on any endeavor because your certainty lies within and you know you can count on you!

Are you ready to change your core beliefs so you can grow into the next version of yourself? The steps below are tools used in Growth Mastery, a graduate program at Growth-U. If you are changing your core beliefs for the first time, I’d love to read your “ah-ha” moments here on the blog! Comment below with your insights!

Let’s Take This One Step Further

    1. Review your current thoughts; writing them on paper will make this even easier.
    2. Decide if these thoughts support a core belief.
    3. Decide if the core belief contributes to your growth goals.
    4. If it doesn’t, decide what you need to believe about yourself or the world to contribute to your growth goals.
    5. Change your focus, practicing the Four Laws of Focus.
    6. When you find yourself thinking a thought that supports a limiting belief say, “Stop!” or “Cancel!” and think a thought to support you new core beliefs.