Have you felt the need to be the perfect family? That if your family was anything less, that you were a failure as a parent? It's time you be your own friend first, allowing yourself to be a perfectly imperfect parent with a real family!

15 Simple Ways to Influence Your Family's Communication

Part Two on How to Improve Your Family Relationships

Would you love to wave a magic wand and change your family dynamics? The bad news is that you can never change someone else, no matter how hard you try. The good news is that you can influence them in your interactions and communication with them.

On the podcast, she discusses her techniques in achieving this state of mind, as well as her journey to becoming a life coach in the first place.

How are your family relations? Family members have that uncanny ability to push your hot buttons. It's time to take control of your family relationships --by changing yourself and your mindset.

These Blue Zones instead also share the importance of mindset, relationships, spirituality, community, and feeling valued and supported. Learn how you can create your own Blue Zone and live a long, thriving life!

Marriage on the rocks? Use these 10 powerful mindset principles to rewrite your story and put your relationship back on track to being the mature, loving relationship you desire.

As a former Registered Nurse and wellness advocate, Casey is one of the best sources to show us why implementing self-care is so important to our success.

Do you ever feel like life is happening to you? You're not alone. Take control of your life now. O.P.A. stands for Outcome-Purpose-Action. It's about proactively setting your desired outcome before every encounter, be it a meeting, an interview, an email, or a major speaking engagement. Your outcome is your desired destination, which you enter into the GPS navigation of your unconscious mind. Then it's important to know WHY you're taking the journey so that then you can take inspired action toward your goals.