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Audit Your Life and Habits

by Growth-U

How to Create Your Big Picture AJ Yager and Meaghan Connell

Today’s world is globalized, hyper-connected, and always-on. People from all walks of life, in all social classes and societies, have never had more opportunities to connect and to create.

But with that power comes responsibility. People have also never been so distracted. Whether in the form of media, metrics, or just getting into the nitty-gritty of their respective businesses, there is more competition for peoples’ attention than ever.

This creates a situation where entrepreneurs and growth-oriented business leaders are finding themselves stuck without the ability to engage in big-picture thinking.

That type of thinking is absolutely critical to long-term business success in any industry, yet it’s becoming increasingly rare in today’s business climate. Fortunately, there are ways to generate big picture ideas even in today’s complex, connected, communication-focused environment.

How to Streamline Big Picture Thinking

Inefficiency is one of the main obstacles to big-picture thinking. Often, success hinges on minute details, and many entrepreneurs and business leaders will lose themselves in those details.

But this isn’t an efficient way to handle small details. Whether it’s a tough engineering problem or a complex marketing campaign, the key to streamlining big picture thinking is to establish systems for addressing small, important details.

Once you begin establishing and automating systems, you leave cognitive room for maintaining focus on the big picture.

Prior to the 21st century, this was nearly impossible for all but the largest and wealthiest organizations on the planet. Within a human lifetime, it has become something that anyone can do, in any industry, with the right approach.

The benefits of establishing and automating systems don’t stop with business. It applies to personal matters as well. Anything from a missed phone bill to a toxic relationship can easily disrupt a growth-oriented business by disrupting the lifestyles of the people who run it.

The key to establishing these kinds of systems is using data. People who make their decisions based on data have a far easier time streamlining big picture thinking and analyzing patterns that lead to insight, both in their business and personal lives.

Audit Your Life: Measure Everything

Many people are averse to data. It seems too cold and scientific to apply to real life — but data is just information. Information is just a way to quantify what’s happening in real life.

This is the story of Praxis Metrics and its co-founders AJ Yager and Meaghan Connell. These two entrepreneurs, soon to be married, use data in every aspect of their lives, from measuring their life-work balance to counting the number of compliments they give and receive to one another on a daily basis.

This might seem severe, but it actually generates a powerful sense of freedom through the fact that the data tells a story, and that allows each of them to make careful decisions in situations where other people would not be able to. It allows AJ and Meaghan to automate most of their life, spend more than 200 days a year traveling, and still run a successful, productive business.

Twice a year, the couple audits nearly every aspect of their life and uses the data they generate to improve their big-picture goals.

Praxis Metrics reflects this data-driven approach. It collects and integrates data to generate narratives that inform its customer’s decisions. It replaces spreadsheets with an integrated, automated dashboard that provides real-time analytics into almost every aspect of the user’s business.

Praxis Metrics’ dashboards offer automated reporting, real-time results, customized metrics, and data validation in one easy-to-use package. The ultimate result is that businesses spend far less time gathering data and they earn far greater utility out of the data they generate.

Become a Data-Driven Person

The data-driven approach gives people the ability to ignore distractions and focus on the big picture. It empowers decision-making and reduces waste.

Using Praxis Metrics is just one step towards enjoying this kind of freedom.

Show Notes

Meaghan and AJ are a dynamic engaged couple who are business partners, adventures partners, and life partners. They scaled their business and life by being data-driven in everything they do. They figured out how to run their business remotely, automate most of their life, keep their bodies fit and healthy, stay productive, and grow their relationship, all while traveling the world and coming back to a bank account that had more money than when they left.

The founded Praxis Metrics, where they help companies eliminate waste and make better decisions from their data resulting in exponential growth. Together, they leverage sales and marketing to attract new clients and have doubled their business every month for the past six months while traveling abroad and exploring Europe

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@twotravelingtrackers (together instagram)

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