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Am It!

by Growth-U


I AM. The two most powerful words you will ever think or say. “It” is whatever you choose next that sets the stage for what you believe about yourself. Our beliefs impact every attitude we have, decision we make and action we take. A belief is a feeling of certainty about something that resonates in both heart and mind. A belief does not require immediate results to be real; it is real for you. You are what you believe, thus you become what you believe, and what you believe is a choice. Our beliefs are often passed down and adapted to protect us. However, in order to grow, we take responsibility for intentionally choosing beliefs that support who we want to be, what we want to do and what we want to have. With a compelling future, we take ownership of what we believe about others, our capability, and our desired results. We proactively seek new perspectives to develop the most supportive beliefs. The strength of our belief supports us confidently stepping into uncertainty, where all growth happens and all results are achieved. I am who I believe I am, and that is the ultimate power. Am it!